Clea Went Sugar Free

I’ve made it to a whole year sugar-free. Whoop! 

Here is my update:

One Year Sugar Free!!!!!


You can read about the first month below:

Here is a food diary of what I ate everyday of my sugar-free month, along with the things I’ve noticed each week regarding my health.

Please sponsor my sugar-free February through my donation page on Cancer Research UK. You can read more about why I chose Cancer Research UK here.

The reasons I’m going sugar-free

Day One – 25th January 2017

Day Two – 26th January 2017

Day Three – 27th January 2017

Day Four – 28th January 2017

Day Five – 29th January 2017

Day Six – 30th January 2017

Day Seven – 31st January 2017

Day Eight – 1st February 2017

Update One – Week One

Day Nine – 2nd February 2017

Day Ten – 3rd February 2017

Day Eleven – 4th February 2017

Day Twelve – 5th February 2017

Day Thirteen – 6th February 2017

Day Fourteen – 7th February 2017

Update Two – Week Two

Day Fifteen – 8th February 2017

Day Sixteen – 9th February 2017

Update Three – Week Four


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