Day One – 25th January 2017


Seeded toast with plenty of organic slightly salted butter and a smidge of Marmite.


I pre-made this delicious lunch the night before, and made enough for two days.

3 x medium round tomatoes
1 x small cucumber (use about three-quarters of it)
1 x orange pepper (use half of it)
1 x small tin of sweetcorn
1 x full-fat mozzarella

Cut everything into small centimetre cubes and mix in a medium sized bowl. Divide in to 2 kilner jar portions. Keep in the fridge and take with you in the morning.


This was delicious! My boyfriend ordered himself a pizza, but actually admitted my dinner looked nicer. I used up some of the leftovers from the lunch ingredients, too.

1 x medium round tomato
1/2 x orange pepper
1 x leek
1 handful x frozen peas
1 large handful x small bag of baby spinach
1 x wholegrain pitta bread
2 tbspsĀ x full fat plain greek yoghurt
1 tsps x organic pesto
1 x organic free-range egg
1 knob x organic slightly-salted butter

Slice the leek into round discs, cut the tomato into small wedges, cube the pepper, wash the spinach. Heat the butter in a medium frying pan until melted. Add the leek, pepper, frozen peas and spinach to cook. Once the leek is softening and the spinach has wilted, add the tomatoes. push the veg to one side and break an egg into the pan. At this point, put the pitta bread into the toaster to warm. The egg is cooked when you see any bubbles on the surface of the yolk. Serve immediately on the pitta bread with the yoghurt and pesto.


I wasn’t really prepared with enough snacks on day one. Luckily work had some roasted almonds in the cupboard, which saw me through.


I started the day with two cups of green tea, which clearly didn’t have enough caffeine since I got a massive headache after lunchtime. I knew, going sugar-free, to expect a few headaches, but once I’d had a cup of black tea with milk, it disappeared. I had another 2 cups of tea with milk that day. I finished the day with a glass of dry white wine.

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