Update 1: Week 1

What I’ve noticed after 1 week of being sugar-free:

  1. I don’t really miss it. I had a bit of a wobble yesterday when I ran out of snacks at work, and tea isn’t quite as satisfying without sugar.
  2. I haven’t had any withdrawal symptoms like the ones mentioned everywhere on the internet blogs. I got a headache on day one because I hadn’t had any tea or coffee the whole morning. As soon as I had a cup of tea, the headache went away.
  3. I have more energy. I don’t go to bed so early (or at least I’m not knackered when I do go to bed), I sleep well, and I wake up more refreshed than usual.
  4. My skin is clearer. I still have a few spots that were there previously and haven’t totally gone away yet, but no new spots. I also usually have quite large pores around my nose and cheeks, which are now visibly smaller.
  5. I have lost weight; 900g to be exact. Weight loss is not something I was looking for, though it would be nice to fit in the jeans I wore when I was a rower, before I moved to London 2 years ago.
  6. I’m saving money. I’m making breakfast, lunch, and dinner to be sure there’s no sugar, whereas before I would’ve either gone without breakfast or bought a croissant on the way, I would’ve bought lunch from Pret and a coffee, and then perhaps bought a takeaway for dinner.

Next: Day Nine – 2nd February 2017


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