Update Two – Week 2

I’ve decided to blog this week’s update a day early. The withdrawal symptoms have finally caught up with me after 14 days without sugar.

  • Oh, the headache!! – The headache started once I got on the bus this morning. I thought it was just the driving (usually I feel a bit ill after a while), but it didn’t let up once I was at my desk and continued all day. It still hurts now I’m home.
  • Lack of concentration – Possibly caused by the headache, but I could barely concentrate on anything at work today. Someone asked me a question about bank accounts and I couldn’t work out what they were on about.
  • Fatigue – I yawned all afternoon even after drinking a venti latte from Starbucks (I had a voucher for a drink of any size – gotta get my money’s worth).
  • Hunger – Yesterday when I hadn’t prepared any lunch, I thought I was going to have to eat a chocolate bar just to make it round the shop to find some food. And last night I was constantly bugging my boyfriend about when he was going to go to the shop to get food for dinner (he insisted he would go). Today I was eating monkey nuts like someone who hadn’t eaten in months. And when I got home, I thought I would pass out if I didn’t eat something straight away.
  • Skin rash – This is probably not sugar withdrawal related, but more likely some uncured resin from my jewellery-making found its way onto my face. However, in my googling, it has been noted that some people get a rash when they give up sugar. Mine is a red mark just inside my left eyebrow, between the brows, almost fingerprint-sized. It’s a little itchy and swollen.
  • Unfriendly stomach issues – Basically a lot of poop that no one needs to know too much about.
  • Softer skin – I have noticed that my skin is a lot softer, especially on my upper arms where I normally suffer from Keratosis Pilaris. This often affects people who have eczema, which is something going sugar-free is touted to improve, so perhaps there’s a link between the two (I’m not a physician so have no idea if it’s coincidental or not).
  • Spots again – currently have one spot appearing on my cheek and another on my jaw. These could be monthly hormone related of course.
  • Chai Tea – OMG this is delicious! The Waitrose brand version has no sugar in it, just spices which taste divine withe some milk.

Next: Day Fifteen – 8th February 2017


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